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Hi! Hello! Konichiwa! and welcome to Mindless Manga! Whether you are here for the first time and need some totally new comics to read, or you have come back to catch up on some older series, this is the place for you! Each of our artists bring something new and inviting to the table.

SIDE NOTE: thanks everyone for being so patient. new computer and all that. but weve been getting some crazy traffic. thanks alot for the support. a new artist and writer duo will be making their appearance later this month and we have some halloween surprises for everyone.


@Home - our home page.

Haku Raikou - Multi-media graphic artist and creator of Mindless Manga. diverse in illustration :: Modeling :: photography:: logo design :: photo editing (usually updates on Tuesdays) 

Fae - creator of the incredible series Earth Angels. Intense writing with a unique art style, Earth Angels is a great welcome to the Mindless Manga Family.  

UMI Ryu - fellow artist. Kick Ass Designer, Photographer, Filmmaker, Tea Drinker, Love Maker

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  • 10/4/10 - homepage (side note)
  • 10/4/10 - haku's journal update
  • 10/4/10 - earth angels update

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